Friday, May 15, 2015


Good afternoon students and staff, here are the announcements for Friday, May 15.

If you are attending the Thanks for Being You luncheon today, please meet outside the main office at promptly 12:45p. 

Seniors, please have your lockers cleaned out by next Thursday to avoid any fines.

Also, seniors, your yellow Graduation Program cards and the online submissions for your Final Plans and Class Night Information are due today.  Links for the online submissions are on the Counseling Office website.

Juniors, you should see an app automatically installed on your iPad called either DRC-Insight or MI-Insight over the next couple of days.  Do NOT delete this app it will be used for MSTEP testing that starts on May 26th.  Just ignore it until you are instructed to use it on the 26th.

The sophomore student council is having a car wash this Saturday from 12:00 to 4:00p at Chelsea's Best Car Wash across from Twisters. So make like a soap bubble, and POP on over!

Students looking for volunteer opportunities this summer you are invited to become a member of the Chelsea District Library’s Youth Service Group—a volunteer organization.   Information and forms are available in the Counseling Office or at the Chelsea District Library.

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